Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi friends,

Suzy is officially now out of the recovery area and is in a hospital room. She will be in the room for the night and will check out in the morning, probably around 10am. Right now, she needs rest and that's exactly what she's getting. She's also in quite a bit of pain, but she's trying to stay on top of it with pain medication. Her phone is off and there is no phone in the room that can wake her.

As far as how the surgery went, here goes:
She went to the OR around 11:00am and was finally given the medication to knock her out around 11:30 and surgery began shortly after. After checking the uterus for any problems (there weren't any), Dr. Parker moved to the fallopian tubes. Other than pressure problems within the fallopian tubes (which Dr. Parker corrected by pushing air into them), he was able to get his scope all the way through the tubes to see if there were any other issues. Fortunately, there were none.

After those procedures, Dr. Parker then put his scope in through Suzy's belly button and proceeded to look at Suzy's ovaries and the surrounding area for endometriosis and signs of PCOS. He discovered a small amount of endometriosis and was successful in lasering all of it away. He also noticed that Suzy did, in fact, have a significant case of PCOS - though he was quick to say that it was definitely not the worst case he has ever seen. Dr. Parker performed an Ovarian Wedge Resection first on the right ovary, then on the left. Shortly after that, he closed up the incisions that he had to make and moved Suzy to the recovery room. Surgery lasted approximately 3 hours.

She'll be kept in the hospital overnight, but less than 24 hours (negating the need for full admittance) and Dr. Parker will check on her early tomorrow morning.

Suzy will be recovering intensely for the next two weeks or so and then can increase physical activity, but should still take it easy for four more weeks after the initial two weeks.

Once again, we are all very grateful for all of your prayers and sacrifices. Thank you so much.

Prayer requests: that we be able to manage the pain and a quick recovery


  1. That is wonderful news!! Thanks for the update!! All praises and glory to God for a successful surgery!!