Friday, December 11, 2009

Desiring a what cost?

As we continue to long for a child in our family be he or she biological, adopted, foster or whatever be God's most holy will, I am still astounded at times by those that will stop at nothing to fulfill their desires. May we always submit our desires, even noble desires like that of motherhood to Our Father, and trust that He will answer them in peace and love according to our deepest need. Please pray for all involved in this horrible situation. Please also pray for a young man and woman who have scheduled their abortion for tomorrow. Please pray that we would be able to reach out to them with love.

Without Bond
By Dave Andrusko

Capt. Misty Mints, a Prince George's County, Maryland police spokeswoman, told the Washington Post, "It's 100 percent the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in 15 1/2 years on the department," adding, "I can't even imagine what this victim must have gone through, the complete horror."Mints was talking incredulously about the attack on Teka Adams by Veronica Deramous in which Deramous is alleged to have tried to cut open the pregnant homeless woman with box cutters and a razor to steal her baby.Although critically wounded, Adams is expected to make a full recovery. She named her baby, who was delivered by emergency Cesarean section, Miracle Sky.Held without bond, Deramous is accused of attempted first-degree murder, false imprisonment, and other counts in the attack, the Post reported. A preliminary hearing will be held January 5.Details continued to come out but the basic outlines are clear, according to the Post's accounts. Deramous repotedly met the eight-month-pregnant Adams at a homeless shelter and convinced her to go with Deramous on the pretext that she was going to buy her baby clothes, the Post reported. "For nearly five days, police said, Veronica D. Deramous kept the pregnant woman, bound with duct tape, inside her Suitland [Maryland] apartment, giving her food and drink to keep her alive," according to the Post. "Deramous wanted the woman's unborn baby girl, police said, and was willing to get it by any means."Over the weekend, police said, she stuffed a rag in Adams mouth, placed tape over it, and told Adams "You're strong...You can handle what I'm going to do to you," the Post reported. "Using a few box cutters and a razor blade, Deramous cut into the woman's abdomen," according to the Post. Following the unsuccessful attempt, Deramous went to sleep. Adams wiggled free of her bonds and when she "escaped sometime in the next 24 hours, her placenta, stomach and intestines were still exposed," the Post reported.Adams was arrested a few hours later in Virginia.

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  1. Oh dear...that is a horrible story about a woman being so deparate to have a baby...I think I saw a few movies on Life.time where women stole babies from pregnant women. I never thought I would read a story where something like that really happened. Hope you are doing well. God Bless.