Saturday, September 3, 2011

Surgery went well

Thank you all for you prayers. Surgery went well. In a nutshell, Dr. Hilgers did a laparoscopy and found that, indeed, the ovaries were polycystic (3 times their normal size), that there was some endometriosis, there was an adhesion of the left fallopian tube to the left ovary and
there were signs of chronic uterine infection. He got some great pictures and it was amazing to see them when we met the next day. (One of the pictures came out so well that he thinks he'll use it in a future presentation. Sort of cool that my innerds might make a presentation, sort of sad that they are "textbook" enough in a bad way to do so.)

Anyway, following the lap, he then did a bilateral ovarian wedge resection, and got rid of the endometriosis and the adhesion and the uterine "blisters"...all using robotic assist (Da Vinci). The entire surgery took about four hours and I have six inscisions to show for it as well as feeling like someone repeatedly punched me in the gut. Going into surgery I hadn't been too sure how I felt about having the surgery done via robotic assist, but in the end it came down to me completely trusting Dr. Higlers. If I understand correctly, I was only the third patient Dr. Hilgers has done surgery on with Da Vinci...but he was VERY pleased with the results. He was giddy like a little boy with a new toy at what he was able to accomplish. He feels that all went well and that we got some good answers and results to issues that have been causing me pain and have been, at least in part, the source of our infertility.

The best part of Da Vinci for me, is that my recovery time will be much shorter than the wedge in 2009. Instead of 4-6 weeks, I could be back up and running in 2-3 weeks. After surgery, I spent the night in the hopsital and was then released the following morning. Since then I have been recovering at the Homewood Suites with Dave, the Little Man and my parents. Things are going well, but recovery still is taking its time. Perhaps the hardest part for me right now is not the physical pain, but the emotional pain at seeing my Little Man so upset. All he wants is for me to hold him, to pick him up, to hug him...and I can't. He just doesn't understand. We have figured out a way that he can be put on my lap for some snuggles, but it's still not the same. He toddles up to me and puts his arms up for a hug, and I can't pick him up. We have to wait for someone to bring him to me and then if he wiggles too much (or kicks my stomach like he did earlier) he has to be taken away and of course this causes more crying.

So I guess, at this point, my biggest prayer request is for my Little Man, the God will comfort him and help him to understand that Mommy still loves him and isn't trying to be distant. Also, for my hubby and parents that they would be given the strength, grace and patience to continue attending to me, and Little Man and still have their wits about them. I know it's not easy.

Thank you to the many people have have posted, texted and called. We greatly appreciate your help.

God bless you,


  1. That's wonderful news!!! Thanks for the update!! Sending hugs and prayers your way!!

  2. God bless you! have a quick recovery and I will be praying for your little man and your family.
    I am very proud of you :)