Friday, December 3, 2010

Affect of infertility upon men

Infertility support is often criticized for being heavily focused on the woman's journey. Most medical treatments are focused on the woman, most support groups focus on the woman, even scriptures usually speak to the infertility from the woman's perspective. How have you seen infertility affect your husband? (or if you are a man, how does it affect you?) Does your husband talk about it? How does he grieve? What are the hardest parts of your infertility for him? What type of support does he look for? What type of support would he like?

Thanks all!

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  1. I think my dh handles IF by just keeping himself busy...he knows that he has to be strong for me..because I'm the one that's overly sensitive and emotional. I remember one time him sharing that he saw a father and son in Bo.y Scou.t uniforms and that made him really feel like he was missing out on something. I know he desires fatherhood more than anything...I just think he keeps himself busy and strong for me.

    He admitted this last week when we got another rejection from a potential adop.tion that he wanted to talk about his feelings but since I was so devestated and emotional...he chose not to open up. I by no means wanted to be selfish but my world came crashing down and at that moment...I needed his strength. I'll never forget how thoughtful and loving he was that afternoon. He held me and comforted me. He admitted that he felt bad because he wants to give me everything and he can't give me a baby...the one thing we both truly desire. God definitely sent me the right man to be my husband. I need to be more thankful.