Saturday, November 14, 2009

Late-breaking: new bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend soon?

The following thoughts were posted on American Papist and I thought they were worth passing along. We all have felt that we would be hearing an announcement of our new Bishop soon...but for me, as exciting as it is, there is still some sadness. Bishop D'Arcy has been so supportive of all that we are trying to do in the Diocese regarding fertility, and Hannah's Tears. He has been an incredible blessing. And now that I see that we could know, even today, who the next Bishop is, I am amazed even more at how much he has been doing in what are now probably his last weeks as Bishop. As the article below says, one source "noted a flurry of recent activity undertaken by Bishop D'Arcy, which would also imply that he is wrapping up the last of his unfinished business." Having been blessed to be a part of several aspects of this "flurry of recent activity"...the Bioethics Conference (Sept 11, 2009), having our Pastor, Bill Schooler elevated to Monsignor (Nov 8, 2009)...and knowing that our phone meeting between me and Bishop (Nov 5, 2009) was also made a priority in the "last weeks", it's an honor, and I am amazed at how Bishop D'Arcy does not intend to go out quietly, but rather making the most of his position of authority until the very end. I realize that I haven't reflected on my meeting with him and I hope to soon, but for now, it's time for football!

Happy Saturday everyone! Please pray for our new Bishop, whoever he may be. That the Holy Spirit would inspire the selection and that he too would have a heart for fertility/infertility and be willing to work with me/us to make the conference and future plans a reality.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

At the risk of crying "bishop!" one too many times, I'm being told this afternoon that Bishop John D'Arcy of the diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend, Indiana has summoned the priests of his diocese for a "once in a generation" announcement tomorrow.

At a local Mass in the diocese celebrated today, the celebrant mentioned the rising rumors that the new appointment would be announced soon.

Bishop D'Arcy
himself admitted in a statement posted to the diocesan website this Wedesday that his successor "cannot be too far away." He spoke in a way that could suggest he already knows who that individual will be.

Finally, Vatican-rumor blog Whispers in the Loggia
noted a flurry of recent activity undertaken by Bishop D'Arcy, which would also imply that he is wrapping up the last of his unfinished business.

Saturday morning announcements of new bishops are not unheard of. Tomorrow will tell.
For the record,
my bet is Bishop Thomas Paprocki, as it was over a month ago.

~ Thomas Peters


  1. Well, congratulations!! It seems you'll be getting Bishop Rhoades from Harrisburg - who is awesome! And they'll be a PA connection :-) Hope all's well, Pete