Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Path to Sanctity

My Path to Sanctity
By: Kimberly Hahn

Where I am, I am to be.
This is my path to sanctity,
Though toil and strife—the affairs of life —
Draw my attention away from Thee.
I begin again, afresh, anew.
Today I choose to follow you.
Though others’ demands require my hands
Clasped in prayer to open and do.

I want to make each task a prayer,
Each word—each thought—your love to share.
Though sins abound
Forgiveness I’ve found,
As the cross you’ve made for me I bear.

I ponder, at the close of day
On the manifold graces that came my way.
Through trials and pain and joy, I exclaim,
Where I am, I am to be.
This is my path to sanctity!


  1. I got to hear Kimberly Hann talk at a family conference in my area...her and her husband..totally inspired myself and my hubby! I've read some of their books too. Have a happy Thanksgiving!