Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Happy Birthday to Our Lady!

This is a beautiful article. It delves into the infant and childhood life of Mary and as the article eloquently puts it, Reflecting on Our Blessed Mother as an infant and child leads the faithful where Mary always leads the faithful: to her Son.

As this blog is dedicated to sharing our journey along the way of infertility it is only fitting to remember that Mary was born to parents, Saints Ann and Joachim, who had suffered greatly for their inability to have a child. Due to Ann's barenness, the sheer fact of Mary's conception and birth were truly miraculous and surrounded by supernatural graces. I pray for similar miraculous and supernatural graces to surround Dave and I and all you who hope and suffer like us.

One part of the article that really spoke to me was this:
Before Mary conceived Christ in her womb, she had conceived Him in her heart, said St. Augustine. Before Our Lady wrapped her first-born in swaddling clothes, she had already embraced the Messiah with her will, her intellect, and her nature. Before she followed His way of passion and stood below His bloody cross, she had freely immolated herself before God for the sake of the coming Messiah. Before she rejoiced in His resurrection, she had dedicated her life to His glory and victory. Before knowing the immediacy of His coming–and before comprehending her own role as His Mother–she had already unreservedly offered herself to God for His divine purposes.

This understanding of her “fullness of grace” prepares us to comprehend Mary’s unqualified “fiat” to God’s angelic messenger when invited to be the Mother of God. God had been preparing the soil of her soul since her creation. she herself, through her goodness and love freely given, had tilled it and made it ready for seed.

My prayer is that each of us may each of us be "full of grace" and give our unqualified "fiat" realizing that throughout our entire lives God has been preparing the soil of our soil and in love freely given, we till it an make it ready for seed. May we, too, each conceive Him in the womb of heart and embrace the Messiah with our will, our intellect and our nature. May we freely immolate our self before God for the sake of His coming into our hearts and our lives. May we dedicate our life to His glory and victory. May we offer our self for His divine purposes.

God bless you all!

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