Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bishop D'Arcy's Column in the paper

I got to read Bishop D'Arcy's column in our diocesan newspaper today (Today's Catholic), and it was a beautiful reflection on the Bioethics conference titled "The beauty of Catholic moral teaching in the area of sexuality." Imagine my surprise when I find myself mentioned in the article. The entire article is worth reading, but I have copied the part pertaining to me below. We are so blessed to have a faithful bishop who supports events like this to truly educate his flock on the beauty and power of the Church's teachings. Thank you Jesus for Bishop D'Arcy.

..."I had the good fortune at being at table with a woman from St. Pius X Parish, Granger, who came in with several others from that parish. She shared with us the cross and the pain she had experienced in her struggle to have a child and how moved she was, even to tears, that there were so many present, including outstanding scientists and pastoral leaders who understood the pain of not being able to have a child, and were working for people like herself in a way that is sound and moral, and according to the plan of God; and that treatment for her infertility through NaProTechnology was being pursued in a way that was moral and respectful of human dignity."

Additionally, I talked for a couple of hours today with a reporter from Today's Catholic. She interviewed me for an article regarding our journey which will be part of October's "Respect Life" issue. I really enjoyed talking with her and sharing our journey (there were tears in her eyes and mine at times) and am thankful that God is giving us this opportunity to share our journey in the hopes of helping others along theirs. It's amazing the doors and opportunities that are opening to us lately in regards to helping spread the beauty and truth of the Church's teaching regarding marriage and sexuality. We are so thankful for the opportunities.

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