Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Attack of the vampires!

As many of you have guessed by the fact that my posts have been fewer and far between, I am doing much better and seem to have the majority of the recovery behind me. Thanks be to God. Now it's a matter of getting back into the swing of things with work, trying to get back up to my normal working hours for IUPUI and preparing for the additional work load that my Penn State work will bring in a few weeks. So unfortunately, long gone are the days of seemingly endless hours to meditate and contemplate upon the Scriptures, God's plan and the meaning of life. :) I will miss that type of life, but am thankful that my recovery has gotten this far.

This morning I spent three and a half hours at the lab so that the "vampires" could suck my blood. We did a battery of tests including glucose tolerance (where you fast, get stuck, drink a sugary orange drink, get stuck 30 minutes later, get stuck 30 minutes after that, get stuck an hour later, and then one more stick an hour after that...insulin resistance seems to go hand-in-hand with PCOS), a thyroid panel (since this seems to be associated with PCOS at times) and a normal Peak + 7 progesterone/estradiol level (to see if ovulation has occured). Of course I have no results, but it should be interesting once we do. These tests (the glucose ones) will let us know whether I need to be back on Metformin to help with the Insulin Resistance or whether I can stop taking it. I really hope to be able to stop as I was so sick each morning and had no appetite when I was on it (I guess on the flip side, it did make weight loss easier!). The thyroid test will tell us if that could possibly be a factor anywhere in this picture and the progesterone/estradiol level will give us an indication if things are starting to change since surgery.

So anyway, that's the update from the vampire lab. We'll see what happens and take it from there.

All the best to each of you, especially those of you that are beginning a new school year! God's blessings!


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