Friday, August 7, 2009

I got out of dodge!

Ah...after 10 days, I finally got to go on my first road trip! Granted it was only an hour away, and just for dinner but was wonderful to get out.

We have been playing quasi-"host parents" to a 14-year old Austrian girl this summer while she has been attending Culver summer camp. She has been a true joy in our lives and tonight we were blessed to finally meet her parents who have arrived to pick her up. We had a wonderful dinner together at the Corndance Cafe in Culver and we came home with about 16 pounds of Austrian chocolates! Man I love Austrian chocolates! I was incredibly fortunate not to have much pain at all. Between all of your prayers and the Tylenol with Codeine, I think the pain management might finally be under control. Thanks be to God!

It was a good day, and although I probably over did it because I felt so much better in comparison to previous days, I am thankful for the improvement. I promise, I'm behaving now and resting for the rest of the night and will rest for most of the day tomorrow.

Things I'm thankful for:
* Dear, wonderful, generous, self-giving friends who came over and cleaned my house for me today so that it would be ready to receive visitors. These gals went WAY above and beyond the call of duty.
* Amazing friends and family who have been so supportive, even from far distances, as I have continued through this recovery
* That I was able to stand during the standing parts of the mass this morning. This is the first time I have not remained seated for the entire mass.
* That my pain is under control.
* For Adam, for his friendship and companionship to me this week during my bed rest, and for all that he has done to help Dave and I fix up this new-to-us house.

Prayer requests:
* That the pain remain under control and that I discern the balance between activity and rest as the recovery progresses.
* That my body would continue to heal properly and that if it be God's will, we would have a little Younger in the not-to-distant future.
* That insurance will cover the surgery and all related costs. (If not, that God would provide in some other way).
* For our Austrian friends and their safe travels as they continue on to Chicago, New York City, Niagara Falls and Washington DC and then back home.
* For all priests and religious and for an increase in vocations to religious life.


  1. Glad you got to get out of the house for a while relatively pain free, that's great!!!! I understand what it's like to cooped up inside and not enjoy life outside the house, due to the amount of writing and studying the past few weeks. That's wonderful news!! Keep up the good work especially your resting!!!

  2. So was that you in the white stretch limo I saw attempting to turn down the side street by Corndance from Ohio St.? tried waving but I was too far down the street (that and I was just finishing my run-ick!!)
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Hope you enjoyed the spinach artichoke dip :-) Talk to you soon.