Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learning not to be hard on myself - reflection 4 weeks post-surgery

Today marks four weeks since surgery. I'm trying not to be hard on myself.

I did go to Pilates today, fully prepared that I might not do anything more than lie on the mat and stare at the ceiling. It was a bit better than that, but not much. I have simply lost so much core/ab strength. I know that it will come back in time, but after having gone from nothing to fairly darned strong pre-surgery, and now back to's just hard.

Weight-wise...let's just say that 4 weeks of lying around on the couch eating the 20 pounds of Austrian chocolates our friends brought us has NOT been kind to the waistline. Gotta get that back under control soon!

And finally, getting back in the swing of things for work has been pretty challenging. I feel like I should be able to resume my 20 hours of work...but that's not quite happening yet.

So, that's where I am...trying to resume my normal lifestyle but realizing that I really do have limitations still. (To a Type A who's used to accomplishing all she sets out to do that's a tough lesson! But I suppose it's good for me, right?) I'm trying not to be hard on myself for what I can't do but instead thank God for what I can....fostering a spirit of gratitude.

Things I'm thankful for (among many other unlisted things):
* that I was able to strengthen my body before surgery so that recovery will not take as long
* for the sheer blessing of having a NaPro doctor to guide us through this journey
* for Austrian chocolate!!!! they make even a dark day brighter! (even if they do add a few pounds. ha!)
* the encouragement of family and friends

Five Ways to Foster a Spirit of Gratitude:
(taken from the Women of Grace Study Guide)

1) Count your blessings literally - whether in a journal or mentally, count them all big and small
2) Serve others ungrudging - in and out of the home, never counting the cost
3) Look for God's intervention in your life - seek and you shall find
4) Fill your day with prayer - you will see God's greater plan
5) Share your blessings - don't keep them to yourself

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