Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm going to meet the Bishop!

As several of you know, I have had many nudgings on my heart lately to put together a conference on fertility and family life as promoted by the Catholic Church. As I spend time in prayer pieces are beginning to come...just not as fast as I would wish.

You see, when I get to a point where I'm stuck and can't figure out where to head next, I just sit back, wait and pray that God will reveal the next "piece" to me.

Well...recently, our associate pastor, Fr. Bob, gave an excellent homily on Lord of the Rings, Gandalf, Pope Paul VI, Humane Vitae, contraception and NFP! It was an incredible homily and I applaud him for giving it at a Sunday mass. As I was sitting in the pew listening to him, I couldn't help but think that perhaps he had the next "puzzle piece".

So long story short, we met this morning, and in fact, he DID have the next puzzle piece...or perhaps puzzle pieces. He is encouraged by the ministry we are developing with Hannah's Tears and believes that this is the key to accomplishing other things. Then, he asked me what I'm doing September smiling response was, "I don't know Father, why don't you tell me what I'm doing on September 11th."

Anyway...what am I now doing on Friday, September 11th? I am headed to the Fort-Wayne/South Bend Diocesan Bioethics conference. And while there, Fr. Bob hopes to introduce me to Bishop D'Arcy so that I connect with him and hopefully follow up later regarding Hannah's Tears and the conference I hope to establish. I am totally psyched! This is right up my alley. I can't wait!

So, I'm off to "dish with the Bish" shortly and I thank you in advance for your prayers.

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