Saturday, August 8, 2009

A relatively painless day

Today was a busy day! We welcomed Marianne and her parents to South Bend today as they were on their way from Culver to Chicago. I went with them to Target and the mall and got a nice dose of humility as I was in a wheelchair at both locations. Target has these wonderful electric-powered wheelchairs that are pretty awesome, except they jerk when you release the "gas" (which hurts my tummy) and they are really really loud "beep-beep-beeping" when you put them in reverse....sort of a not-so-subtle "Hey y'all I'm comin' back!" The mall doesn't have electric powered wheelchairs, just the old-school ones, but I am still thankful for them. I haven't been in a wheelchair since 1995 after parasailing accident and amputation and I had forgotten how non-wheelchair-friendly many stores are these days. Target was darned near impossible to navigate. The mall was a bit better, but still you'd be surprised how rude people are sometimes in not being willing to move out of the way, even after you say "excuse me." Even so, without the wheelchairs I doubt I could have made the trip. I am walking quite well now it's just hard to keep up my endurance for walks longer than about 2 minutes. :)

After the shopping trip, we returned to the house for a BBQ with Marianne, her parents, my parents, Ryan & Ashley (and Michael) and of course Adam. I helped a bit with the Bourbon Molasses BBQ sauce prep but it proved too much for me and I was banished to the couch. Even so, it was a lovely meal together and although I was pretty pooped the rest of the day, it was nice to be surrounded by such great friends (new and old).

To celebrate my pain being under control and in honor of anyone who's ever come out of anesthesia or is/has been on Percocet, I present to you these two funny clips (luckily laughing doesn't hurt as much now!) First watch this and then this. "Is this real life?" Enjoy!

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